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Daily life: Wattpad, Tuesday Serial, and word count

"More than anything else, I think writing is just a lot of fun. It's a great way to revisit that rollicking, playful space where we spent our days in as kids. Back then, making up stories was our chief occupation. Give a seven-year-old a blank piece of paper and a marker, they're good for hours. There are a lot of adventures and people and animals and kingdoms and trucks and battles and princesses in a piece of paper.

"Somewhere around adolescence, though, most of us stop visiting those imaginary worlds. We get self-conscious. We see that other kids are much better writers or artists than we are, so we cede that creative space to them. And they in turn cede it to others who are better still. The blank page stops being an invitation and becomes intimidating.

"But the impulse to create and make and dream is still with us. It doesn't go away. It just waits, patiently, for us to find a way back to it again. For some adults, it happens through art classes or music lessons. For me, it was through NaNoWriMo. However you get back there, it just feels pretty incredible when you arrive."

--Chris Baty.

26 Wednesday 2017 (Wednesday)

So about Wattpad:

1) I posted "Survival School" there on Sunday. It's as easy to post at Wattpad as at AO3 - which is to say, there's a few quirks in the system, but nothing that can't be worked around.

2) I have nothing but high words to say about the visibility that Wattpad offers to new stories. Mind you, I picked my keywords carefully so that I wouldn't be swallowed up in larger keyword categories, but "Survival School" showed up as #1 among new stories in most of the keywords I chose. Moreover (thanks to me adding my genres to the title), "Survival School" was - and still is, as of today - the #9 result in any search on alternate history (out of 3800 results). I also announced my story at the Adventure "club" (i.e. forum) at Wattpad, which has 18,000 members. So it's relatively easy for a new story to get good visibility at Wattpad, despite the site's millions of stories.

3) Wattpad has a rather nice statistics tool that tells you information about your readers, such as how far they read in your story. I used that tool to examine how far my three readers read.

Yes, well, obviously visibility doesn't count for much at Wattpad. Either that, or "Survival School" isn't right for the Wattpad crowd.

I also tried announcing "Survival School" and "Spy Hill" at Tuesday Serial, which is a site run for the webserial community. I've been wanting to connect with that community for a while now, if only because it's so cool to be among original fiction writers who think posting their stories online is neat.

(I'm fed up at the moment because an online author I really like followed the advice of her new small-press editor and took down all of her older novels. Not because the editor or the author planned to publish those novels, but because the editor told the author that the older novels were badly written, would reflect poorly upon her, and would therefore prevent people from buying her e-book. So the author has taken the novels out of circulation permanently. Those "badly written" novels had already won her hundreds of readers.)

27 April 2017 (Thursday)

From the Tuesday Serial Report: "This week there were 20 updates and (no pressure here, folks) Dusk Peterson has posted 2 DEBUTS this week."

Heh. If only they knew that I'm running three serializations at the moment.

29 April 2017 (Saturday)

Rewatched "The Princess Bride" with Jo/e, then debated with him why a seemingly sensible young man would fall in love with a young woman who, when he is attacked by a vicious animal, stands around looking helpless before tripping over the gown that she should have had sense enough to hike up to her knees when she entered the swamp. For heaven's sake, catching on fire wasn't warning enough? (Jo/e: "And what did she do all the time he was gone? He spent those years doing something useful." Me: "Making innocent victims walk the plank?")

Afterwards, I tried out the vacuum I rescued from our apartment building's dumpster. It's underpowered but a lot easier to move around than the Goliath that's currently serving as a wall decoration in our apartment.

You can gather from this that my surgeried toe is almost entirely healed. It's still a bit stiff, but it's not giving me any serious problems in walking.

As far as writing is concerned, "Death Mask" (The Three Lands) continues to go well. I think I'll reach my monthly quota of 20,000 words tomorrow, which is pretty good, given that I started writing on the 13th this month. I might or might not make my quota-so-far-this-year of 80,000 words. Since my complete annual wordage hasn't gone over 120,000 words since 2009, I'm stoked.

Meanwhile, my Muse is teasing me with a sequel story to "Death Mask," before I've even finished writing the novel. Blasted Muse.

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