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Daily life: Jo/e's health, jammed writing schedule, monthly wordage, and current events

"The dilemma of evil is that even as it carries out its dark, sinister work, it always ends up strengthening good."

--Roberto Miranda.

Good news about Jo/e's health, sort of
29 May 2017

He saw the cardiologist. The cardiologist said, "You can go back to your regular schedule. Call me if you have a heart attack."

(I kid you not.)

Jammed schedule
30 May 2017

My June schedule is horribly jammed. I have scheduled:


* A reissue of an e-book novel, as well as an online serialization of the same novel. "Reissue of an e-book" means that I create a new cover, create new metadata, come up with new front matter and back matter, correct any typos in the text, and then go through the whole process of laying out the e-book in multiformat. Said novel has the most complicated formatting of any novel I've ever published; I might as well be hand-coding the entire thing.

* The editing and layout of two new stories. (Only one of which I'm posting this month. The other - which you will eventually see, I promise - is a Father's Day gift for my father. And no, he doesn't read this blog.)

* Online serializations of two older stories, one a short story and the other a novel. This requires correcting of typos, new metadata, etc.

* Publishing, posting, and announcing of all of the above. (Well, except the story for my father. He gets that in an e-mail.)

* Writing, when I can fit it in. Right now my Muse is under orders not to deliver any scenes to me till I get some of the above work done.


In addition to this, I have a zillion medical appointments to make, I'm still badly behind on housework, and I haven't come close to tackling the decluttering. Which I really need to do, because the other thing on my list this month is doing cover art with the props that are currently missing somewhere in my apartment.

Oh, and did I mention my new business? It's scheduled to launch this month.

And my May wordage is . . . (Drumroll, please.)
31 May 2017

51,330 words.

Zowie. I haven't had that type of wordage for years. I hadn't thought I'd ever have that type of wordage again, after my health collapsed in 2010.

The high May wordage is due to a combination of high daily wordage and the fact that I wrote for two weeks out of the month. I'm not expecting this type of wordage routinely (maybe ever again). But I've now passed the halfway mark for my yearly wordage goal, which is very nice.

I broke three records this month:


Most words per day (9,067, on May 6) since 2008.

Most words per month (51,330) since November 2008.

Most words per year (128,994) since 2009 . . . and it's only May!


(Yes, I'm a bit obsessed with recording story stats. Always have been, since the time I was teen.)

Current events
3 June 2017

Regarding the events this week in the United States and Britain - or, for that matter, the events of this entire year: I can't help but keep feeling as though I'm on the wrong branch of time stemming from a point of divergence.

The more intelligent part of me insists that I (and a lot of people in the First World) have just been among the lucky ones till now, that this sort of thing was bound to happen eventually, and that most of the people of the world (including many people in the First World) have been suffering deeply till now, without me taking much notice. Regarded that way, any inconvenience I undergo from now on is for the better: it awakens me to what others have already experienced. I just wish it weren't the case that the majority of our planet is suffering through this.

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