Daily life: Hypomania, bedbugs, and editing

Me for the last three weeks at online forums that I'm visiting for reasons connected to my new business: "Fun, fun, fun! Talking to people online again, after staying off online forums for a long time!"

Me every following morning: "Oh my god, what did I say yesterday?"

My new model is Hillary Rodham Clinton. I don't think she has made a single spontaneous remark in public for forty years.

In all seriousness, my hypomania has been giving me lots of trouble, and I'm bound and determined to wrestle it into decent behavior. Slow blogging helps. So here's a brief update on what I've been up to:

1) Our overly friendly bedbugs are going to take $3000 to eradicate. Joe asked, "Can we just name them and keep them as pets?"

2) My new business is going as well as I might expect it to at this stage. People know it exists now.

3) What with landlord inspections, bedbugs, and business, I've scarcely gotten a word written since July. However, I'm making some needed progress on editing and layout, and I'm channelling my inner Super Editor for NaNoWriMo. I'm hoping that, by the end of the year, I'll have 110,000 words' worth of new fiction ready to post next year, as well as many reissues of ebooks as online fiction.

4) Other stuff going on in my life this fall: lots of medical appointments (including a routine medical procedure requiring anesthesia next week), my usual pleasant interactions with family members, and did I mention that prepping for bedbug extermination requires me to get rid of tons of stuff so that there will be room in our cluttered apartment for the exterminators' equipment?


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