Nov. 18th, 2013

Taking a break

As I've already hinted at my blog, I have skull surgery scheduled at Johns Hopkins Hospital for November 21st, a week before Thanksgiving. (Two days before the fiftieth anniversary show of Doctor Who, darn it. Whoever scheduled my surgery clearly isn't a Whovian.)

If you're interested in following the details of my progress, my personal assistant / apprentice / foster son, Jo/e Noakes, will be retweeting his tweets on the surgery and aftermath at my Twitter account. If anything major and unexpected happens, he'll also post a longer notice at my blog/list.

I'm not sure at this point how long my recovery period from the surgery will be; most likely I'll be getting back to work very gradually. If I can, I'll post my usual holiday gift story on time. Otherwise, I'll see you folks next year.

As usual when I'm offline, Noakes will be monitoring my e-mail. Please mark any urgent e-mail with the subject heading "Time-sensitive."


Apr. 9th, 2013

The Organization for Transformative Works membership drive

Fandom Is Love: Organization for Transformative Works Membership Drive, April 3-9

Some of you will have noticed that my online fiction is hosted these days by Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. Posting my online fiction there allows me to make use of their special features: tags, comment boxes, and downloadable e-book versions in various formats. I've also spent a lot of time reading the OTW's Fanlore wiki, which preserves a history that I've been a part of for eleven years now.

The OTW is holding a membership drive at the moment. To become a member only costs US$10 or the equivalent in another currency. Or you can donate without becoming a member. If you enjoy fannish culture, this is a good time to show your appreciation of the work that the OTW does.

If you're not familiar with the OTW's work, you can read about their projects here.

Mar. 22nd, 2013

Anyone here with an e-reader who can test a file for me?

I'm working on creating ePub editions, and I want to make sure that my files are readable on the major e-readers. I'm able to test an ePub file on Windows, iPad, and iPod Touch, but not on the other hardware e-readers, such as Nook or Kobo; nor do I have an Android device or other operating systems.

Would anyone here who has an e-reader be willing to test a file for me? You get a free ePub copy of Milord as payment. I do need very quick feedback, though, because I'm trying to get at least a few ePub e-books published by the end of the month.

E-mail me if you'd like to help, so that I can have your e-mail address to mail to.

Feb. 19th, 2013

Progress report and wordage update

I've updated the progress report on my unpublished stories and have added my wordage statistics for 2012. I didn't write much last year, but I sure published a lot of my backlist as e-books. I also got a few new stories out.

As I do periodically, I've also updated my list of published writings, positions, and honors, which you can browse through by date or by subject.

Feb. 11th, 2013

Saving "Icarus, the Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction"

The post below was written by [ profile] mroctober aka Steve Berman of Lethe Press, which publishes gay and lesbian fiction, especially science fiction, fantasy, and horror. The press has a very impressive roster of authors. The post is reposted in full with Mr. Berman's permission; you can find the original post here if you want to reply to him.

As far as I know, "Icarus" is the
only gay speculative fiction magazine, and it's one of the few gay fiction magazines in existence. If you enjoy reading gay speculative fiction, please do spread the word about the magazine and consider buying an issue or subscribing.


Steve Berman wrote:

So, after reviewing Lethe Press's P&L statement, I noticed that I lost around four thousand dollars last year on Icarus, the Magazine of Gay Speculative Fiction. Now, I never expected to make a bundle or even a profit. My goal was to provide a venue for stories that some markets might consider "too gay" or "too odd." Also to spread awareness of gay fantasy, science-fiction and horror. But I did not want to lose so much.

Icarus is printed on full-color, glossy stock and runs 52 pages. The cover price alone does not cover the printing costs. Or the print subscription of $50 a year. Factor in paying authors (yes, I do pay authors, not professional rates, but something is better than nothing; paying artists, paying copyeditor and layout fellow) and each issue is expensive. If I send copies to stores to sell, I do so at 1/2 off the cover price = again losing money.

Digital subscriptions do help, as they avoid the printing costs and recoup the intellectual and design costs.

Alas, despite whatever % of the population is gay and whatever % of the population likes spec fic, we've really managed few readers and subscribers. I am worried that Icarus cannot go on past 2013 at this rate.

I would appreciate it if you would spread the word about the magazine. Consider subscribing to the print or digital editions (yes, I still want print subscribers, as I think owning a physical magazine, sharing a print magazine, has value -- it's a reason I'm not solely an ebook publisher). Not gay or wanting to read gay fiction? Buy an issue or four as a present for a gay friend or community center.

Here is a link to explore and purchase print and digital issues. You can preview all fifteen of our issues, which have published award-winning authors like Richard Bowes, Sandra McDonald, and Lee Thomas.

To buy a digital subscription, 24.99 for four issues, click here.

Please spread the word.

Aug. 31st, 2011

I'm taking a sabbatical

Why )

Aug. 29th, 2011

Earthquake, hurricane - you planning any other surprises, Mother Nature?

My power's back up, but Internet service and phone service are still down. I'm typing this on a library computer. Did the rest of you get through the storm okay? I'm thinking especially of Musicman and Catana.

No damage at our house, though the winds were really strong - 50 mph gusts, according to the radio.

Aug. 25th, 2011

Hurricane Irene

It will hit my area - how badly I don't know yet. Fortunately, my house is well constructed for sitting out storms. It has endured several hurricanes since I moved here in 1974.

What about the rest of you on the East Coast? Are you making preparations for the storm? And are any of you still mopping up from the earthquake?

Aug. 23rd, 2011


Sorry, guys; I was so rattled by the earthquake that I posted directly to LJ rather than here. Here's my two entries on it:

Aug. 11th, 2011

Switching to Twitter for a while

My health won't permit me to use my laptop at the moment, so I'm switching back to my Twitter account for a while for Daily Life mini-entries. If any big stuff happens, I'll post here too, of course, but Twitter is better for tiny updates typed with one finger on an iPod Touch.

Jun. 6th, 2011

A poll: How should I refer to the book/story numbers in the titles to my single-story e-books?

Example: "The Breaking" is the first story in the first book (Rebirth) of the Eternal Dungeon series. Which of these possibilities do you think would look best as an e-book title?

1) The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon, Book 1, Story 1)

2) The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon, #1x1)

3) The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon, #1.1)

4) Something else entirely that I haven't been able to think of.

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