Jun. 25th, 2012

FICTION FROM THE BACKLIST: Michael's House, Princeling, Master/Other, and others

Cover for 'Pleasure'

The following novel is now available as a multiformat e-book and as a Kindle e-book:

Whipster (Michael's House). Michael is an ex-prostitute, which means that nobody in polite society wants anything to do with him. He believes that the only way to help other male prostitutes is to make their working conditions bearable. His friend Janus is an upper-class gentleman who believes that his duty to the gods requires him to fight against sexual immorality. Now Michael wants Janus to help him run a house of prostitution.
The following novel and stories are now available as Kindle e-books:
Noble (Princeling). When Corbin is taken hostage by York, the King of Fossenvita, he refuses to surrender to the sadistic King's demands that would allow York to win the war between the world's two kingdoms. Only thus, Corbin believes, can he help the petties of Tascania, on whose behalf Tascanian nobles such as himself are fighting the Fossenvites. Rather than lose his honor, Corbin accepts York's "gift": a wounding that will prevent him from ever again fighting with his blade. ¶ But Corbin lives in a world where peace has long been forgotten, in which only the nobles who command the battles and raids are considered to have honor. Stripped of his title and his ability to fight, Corbin begins to see that the petties alone may hold the answer of how he should live his life. Maimed as he is, though, Corbin cannot seek answers from the petties unless he receives the help of one man: York's son Firmin, who has warned Corbin that he will betray him.

Pleasure (Master/Other). Egon had a position that won him respect, friends who raised his spirits, and lovers who gave him pleasure. Then a man came into his life who would take all that away from him. If Egon was lucky.

Debt Price (Master/Other). No one would pay his debt price to gain him release from prison. So he sought to pay it himself by offering the only thing he could, his body. But one man would require more.

Whipster 1: The New Boy (Michael's House). Running a business seemed a simple enough matter: you learned what the patron wanted, and you forced an employee to satisfy his needs. Then along came the new boy.

Whipster 2: Offstage (Michael's House). Michael's House is facing ruin – unless one of the partners falls back on old ways.

Whipster 3: Blurred Lines (Michael's House). Michael has survived poverty, prostitution, and the loss of love, but not even his partner may be able to help him overcome the latest challenge.

Plus Love (Loren's Lashes). Everyone calls her a fag hag. But Gay Pride Day has arrived, and her best friend is about to give her a new name.

The Breaking (The Eternal Dungeon). The prisoner knew that the Eternal Dungeon was a place where suspected criminals were broken by torture, and he was prepared to hold out against any methods used against him – except the method he could not anticipate.

Re-creation (The Three Lands). What can you give a slave who, by law, can own nothing?

Apr. 15th, 2011

How to get "The Three Lands Omnibus" for free (and other news)

1) In case you're wondering, the new story in "The Three Lands Omnibus" is Law Links, a novel which I'm also serializing online. Here's the full list of stories in "The Three Lands Omnibus."

2) I've tried to keep the price of "The Three Lands Omnibus" as low as possible. But for those of you who can't buy it for some reason, free review copies are available; just e-mail me for a copy. Let me know in your e-mail which e-book format you prefer. If you have an account at Smashwords, let me know, so that I can give you access to all the e-book formats.

Your review may be as short or long as you want, and it needn't be favorable, if you find you don't care for the e-book. I want honest reviews.

You may post your review anywhere you want, including at your own blog or Website, but I'd especially appreciate reviews at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Goodreads.

3) The Three Lands story "Re-creation," which remains online, is now also available as a free e-book.

4) I've updated my Website. Here's the latest updates.

Jul. 18th, 2010

FIC & NONFIC: Love in Dark Settings Omnibus 2010

Cover for Love in Dark Settings Omnibus

A new edition has been published of Love in Dark Settings Omnibus, the zipped HTML e-book collecting all of my online fiction, nonfiction, and fiction recommendations. The price is the same as last year ($29.99), but there are half a million new words of fiction, for a total of well over a million words. I've no idea how many words the nonfiction is; it's too many words for me to count.

The collection includes the latest Loren's Lashes serialization (parts one to three of "Edgeplay in Mayhill"), so if you want to read ahead in that series, you have the choice of buying either "Loren's Lashes Omnibus" or buying the stories from all my series in "Love in Dark Settings Omnibus."

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