Oct. 14th, 2012

Daily life: What my eyes can do this winter

"I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing sound they make as they go flying by."

--Douglas Adams.

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Oct. 7th, 2012

Daily life: Real life happens

"I don't have a muse. I have a deadline and it is a lot less temperamental and a lot more professional."

--Krista D. Ball.

Just a reminder to folks that I'll be attending Capclave in Maryland on October 13-14, in case anyone here will be attending that con too and would like a chance to say hi. Drop me an e-mail if you'd like to meet up.

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Oct. 1st, 2012

My ROW80 goals for October-December 2012

ROW80: A Round of Words in 80 Days

My ROW80 goals

Work on writing or publishing every weekday except on holidays or for medical reasons.

On days when I'm writing: 3 hours of writing + 1 hour of housework, gardening, or walking + 3 hours of light editing, reading my own fiction, and/or reading Muse-friendly fiction (the type of fiction that gets my Muse writing). NO INTERNET.

On days when I'm publishing: 4 hours of publishing work + 2 hours of housework, gardening, or walking + as much leisure reading as I like (but as I near the period when I'll be writing, my reading needs to be fiction).

About ROW80 and my goals

ROW80 is A Round of Words in 80 Days, which subtitles itself as "The writing challenge that knows you have a life." I joined it because I decided that having support from fellow writers for my writing goals - and helping support them - was way more fun than taking part in a 12-step group to counter my severe Internet addiction.

During this round of ROW80, I need to write a holiday gift story for my readers and, um, publish 31 e-books. I managed to get 18 e-books published last summer (backlist, folks! I'm mainly reissuing my backlist!), but I may or may not have calculated correctly how much time I'll need to get those 31 e-books out. So I'm thinking of this in terms of hours-per-day, rather than e-books-per-round.

Likewise, I'm not going to think of writing in terms of word count (psst! 3 hours = 5000 words), because that'll just make my Muse freeze up.

The reading goal is there because my Muse won't produce without a certain amount and type of reading. The housework/gardening/walking goal is there because I did really, really nasty damage to my health by gluing myself to my desk for over a decade. So staying active is necessary if I'm to preserve my health, and I need good health in order to write (as I learned when I ended up hospitalized in March 2012 - but hey, I managed to write 6000 words that month).

Because I'm striving to be in recovery from my Internet addiction, I'll only make weekly posts about my ROW80 progress. I look forward to reading about everyone else's progress.

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