May. 29th, 2017

Daily life: Anniversary, stubborn Muses, rebellious characters, and "Star Trek Beyond"

"There are certain pitfalls you might fall into [when writing m/m fiction], especially [if] you decide to write historicals, but don't panic, I'm here to help. . . .

"When creating a historical character, it's vital to give him morals and sensibilities that the 21st reader will easily comprehend. He must eschew slavery, be entirely politically correct (for the 21st century, remember, not the times in which he lives) and fight to correct injustice like a historical superhero. He will be outwardly proud of being gay and will not attempt to hide it. He will - if he can - marry his beloved in church."

"Whatever you do, don't get bogged down in the era where your hero lives. Don't hesitate to call him Lance, or Calico or Lennon. There's nothing nicer than having a really unusual aristocrat, like Lord Amber or Baron Damocles."

--"Spare Us the Details, Please!" by Erastes, who goes on to note the value of using weather names like Frost or Storm or Zephyr or . . .

(Um. Well. At least I didn't foist my nickname on any of my characters.)

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May. 21st, 2017

Review: Rogue One (with mild spoilers)

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Mar. 2nd, 2015

What I read and watched in January and February 2014

"I went on to wonder what it really would be like to share a house with one of the heroes from some of my favourite gay books? . . .

"Laurie from The Charioteer . . . is far too intellectual for me. It'd be all 'But Aeschylus said . . .' Sod Aeschylus. Have another gin and tonic, for gawd's sake.

"Sebastian Flyte from Brideshead Revisted. Argh! No no no no no no no. He'd turn up, pissed as a fart, having left his family and he'd stay for some indeterminate time, taking up the best bedroom, making me make tea and quails eggs (you try and get them in Great Yarmouth, I just challenge you) for him and Aloysius and inviting his bitchy friends over to eat me out of house and home."

Erastes: You Like the Book - But Could You Live With Him?

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